Friday, September 14, 2012

One Minute...Then The Next.

Life is an interesting thing. You never know where it is taking you! You can be up on minute, down the next, think you know the direction you are going and then be utterly lost! To some this may be exciting and it's the not knowing that is the adventure, I too once felt that way, but my constantly changing life is now altering my opinion. I'm tired.  I know some of you will think I have no room to speak. Some would say, "You think you have it hard!" or "When you've lived half the life I've lived.....just you wait sister, it only gets harder" and I know your right, life will defiantly not simply stop shifting....but for once can something I plan or something I want just not happen, not be torn from me or changed?  I mean, I understand it's the shifting and changing that does mold us into who we are. I truly am grateful for all that has happened to get to to where I am in my life today! I just wish now, for once, things could settle down and go the way I want. Maybe that's utterly selfish of me though. The Lord does know best, I know that first hand....but then why do somethings feel so right/ good and then not seem to work out or other things come up? Why can you be so happy and content one minute and then have to be alone and confused the next. I'm tired of One Minute...Then The Next.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Human Existence and The Possibilities

Martin Heidegger, a German Philosopher, makes the claim that human existence is temporally ecstatic (ecstatic being derived from a Greek term meaning "standing out"). Humans live as always outside of ourselves in time, projected toward the future so that we're always, in a sense, ahead of ourselves through the plans we make and, at the same time, thrown into our present from a particular past. More important for our purpose, the temporally ecstatic way in which humans exist means for Heidegger that we fundamentally are our own possibilities. The possibilities we've chosen in the past determine the concrete possibilities that are available to use in the present and the way they appear to us, while our being projected into the future determines how we'll relate to those present possibilities.

Ultimately, Heidegger's point is that what and where a person is at any given instant is far less important to understanding human existence than that persons past and their plans for the future.

For Heidegger, human existence fundamentally consists of it's own possibilities, and of course, death would be the limit of those possibilities. But for Heidegger, the significance of death is not that it is a literal end to ones life, like a sort of end point on a line, but rather it makes human beings aware of the fact that their own lives, their own possibilities, have a limit. That is, although we exist in a temporally ecstatic way, we are also temporally finite (limited), and what's more we know it. As Heidegger would say, "Initially and for the most part," Humans don't think about their own deaths; we find ways to cover over death and avoid it. We busy ourselves with our projects, with our entanglements in the things at hand, and generally think of death as something that happens to other people. Admitting to ourselves that "people die" is easy enough, but there's something unnerving about thinking "I will die." Heidegger terms that uncomfortable feeling of authentically confronting the certain possibility of one's own death.

Heidegger argues that death appears as what it really is: the possibility of my own impossibility. Once I die, I will no longer have my possibilities. After death, all my choices will have been made already, and the story of who I am will be complete. This is why Heidegger claims that the authentic confrontation with death individuates human existence. When I confront my own death, I see that it is something that no one else can do for me, something I will have to face myself. This in turn casts my whole life in a new light. Recognizing my death as the unavoidable end to my own life shows me that existence is mine and mine alone. The complete story of my life will be the results of the possibilities I chose for myself from out of the situation into which I was thrown at birth. I alone will have been responsible of whoever I was.

(Introducing Philosophy Through Pop Culture Pg.217-218)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What a day! Got up, worked on my new blog ( went to the elementary school to help with their Halloween party where I got stuck painting faces-have to say became pretty pro by the end- then came back and got ready for the spook ally that we put on for the stake F.H.E! It was a huge success thankfully! Everyone did such a good job!! We had so many YSA come out screaming and kids from the community come out crying!! As much fun as was though, I have to say I'm glad it's over! It was so much work!! Well Life is pretty good, Super busy 24/7 though- hence me falling behind on posting...I will try to fix that though!

However, I'M MOVING TO RUSSIA IN JANUARY!! Hence the new blog dedicated solely to my journey! I can't wait!! I'd love it if ya'll would follow me through the experience of a lite time i'm about to embark on! Also, I will be moving there with my Roommate, and great friend, Rauni Bradshaw and know she would be flattered if you followed her as well! Thanks!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh The Things That Happen at A Library

Today was a good day! Slept in, went to class, nothing unusual, until...I went to the Library! I know, who would of thought the fun would of started at the library! But it did! I was sitting there, minding my own business when two guys walk by and say hi to me. No big deal. Except for one decided to call me beanie girl because of the yellow beanie I was wearing. Well, went back to my studying, of which i was doing vigorously of course. Next thing I know I hear my new nick name, beanie girl being called and I look up to see this :) It was so funny! Made my day!! Best part is later that day ended up running into these same two guys and hanging the night away with them! Had so much fun! What a good day!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where Would I Be Without Music?

So I'm sitting here listening to Adele thinking to myself, Where would I be without music? I really would be lost without it. It is there for me when I'm Happy, sad, mad, feeling alone, hopeful, confused, ready to give name it, it's always there, ready to help me understand my own feelings and express them in a way that I never could. It has become a best friend and something that is always there for me and that will never push me aside or forget me. For this I am grateful.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing in the Rain

We're singing in the rain, sweet singing in the rain!

Weekend Adventrures

Homework?? Na! The adventures of this past weekend were well worth the procrastination! Ruani and I went on a date! Yes, that is correct, a date!